Rosario Garcia

Rosario Garcia was born in Havana, Cuba, into a family with strong artistic traditions. In 1988, her work got the attention of ACAC (Cuban association of artists and artisans). Several years after meeting her husband Enrique Garcia, who was a metalsmith and GIA graduate, they established “Rosario Garcia Designs. INC”. Her jewelry now receives widespread respect from clients and critics across the United States.

Motivated by the artistic influence of European goldsmiths, they attended several prestigious schools including Art Studio FUJI, the School of Design and Fashion in Florence Italy, and the Federation for Education in Europe. Rosario Garcia Designs showcases the repertoire of these two artist’s skills--based in old world European techniques--that culminates in their unique and exclusive jewelry collection. In 2015 they were honored by Niche magazine, winning First Place in the Fine Gold category. Their jewelry continues to gain national and international recognition in both high end art galleries and prestigious publications throughout the world.