Kathleen Sheard

Kathleen Sheard is an internationally known wildlife glass artist and emerging sea turtle conservationist. Her personal artwork now is composed primarily of conservation sculptures to help visually show and tell the stories that will help to save sea turtles and other marine wildlife. In 2017, with a team’s help, she completed her first major sculpture in this endeavor. This sculpture is titled Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture – Environmental Art Education Project. Her current project is a group of seven large cast glass sea turtle sculptures, that portray the threats to sea turtles and tell the conservation stories

When Kathleen started glass forty three years ago, her dream was to create life-size glass wildlife sculptures. A mountain woman, wilderness advocate, and artist with an ocean soul, her kiln formed and kiln cast glass artwork relates to her experiences with wildlife throughout the world. Kathleen is a member of two international fine art wildlife organizations - Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation. She volunteers on sea turtle patrols and projects, donating of her time, energies and her talent. A percentage of her sales is donated to marine conservation.