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Small Ruby Pitcher

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Info: 13" x 6"


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Small Ruby Pitcher
Flat shape
Hand blown with 24k Gold Leaf
13" X 6"


Artist Bio

Founded in 2011 by designers Michael Schunke and Josie Gluck, Vetro Vero's award-winning contemporary hand-blown glass designs are timeless objects created to honor function and enrich decor. Drawing on experience and unsurpassed skill to refine and give form to the highest quality glass-making materials, Vetro Vero objects are noted for their remarkable clarity, spectacular colors & clean designs.

Michael Schunke and Josie Gluck conceive each design and together, make every piece of Vetro Vero glass by hand in their private studio. From one-of-a-kind artworks to contemporary home decor and distinctive tabletop designs, the designer-makers' exceptional talent and shared dedication to the craftsmanship and quality of each finished piece is apparent in the strong consistency and subtle individuality of every glass object their hands create.