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Waterspouts in a Turbulent Sea

Fused Glass Technique

Seascape Scene Series

Measurements: 28" X 11.5"

Husband and wife, JJ and Simona, live in the mountains of Western North Carolina where they own and operate Fyreglas Studio. Working together they create both decorative and functional kilnformed glass art. Starting with an extensive palette of sheet glass, their work begins by creating kilncast “pattern bars”.  Pattern bars are built by stacking or laying vibrant, multi-hued glass into molds made of high temperature materials. These molds are then fired in a kiln, at temperatures approaching 1600 degrees, creating solid glass bars of interesting and unusual design.  Slices of these bars, cut with a wet diamond saw, become "parts" which are included in the designs of flat panels and fired again creating the unique, intricate patterns found within their work. With an additional firing into ceramic molds, panels become more “functional” pieces such as plates and bowls.
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