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3 Yellow Fin Tuna


3 Yellow Fin Tuna by Michael Hopko

Handblown fish on brushed aluminum

Gorgeous yellow, green, and blue coloration with incredible details

Measures 24: x 48"

Sculptures are individually handmade. Color and size may slightly vary.

Located in the Trinity Alps of Northern California, Soul Glass is a family owned and operated business. Michael Hopko has developed a collection of hand blown sculptures that combine art & craftsmanship that capture the beauty and motion of nature through glass. As an avid outdoorsman, Michael's interest in nature has led him to create a truly inspired line of glass. His glass sculptures include a variety of octopus, a line of Trout, Bass and Salmon, as well as colorful fish like the Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna. Since 1996 as founder of Soul Glass, Michael has insured that each piece of glass that leaves his studio is carefully handcrafted with a guarantee of supreme quality and uniqueness
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