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Haystack Spun Bottle

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Info: 8.25" x 5"


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Haystack Spun Bottle

Handcrafted in Alabama

Blown glass vessel wrapped in molten glass threads

Threads resemble dripped honey, the inspiration for the piece

Measurements: 8.25" x 5"


Artist Bio

Cal Breed is one of the few glass artists working out of the Southeastern U.S. In 1994 Cal found glass—first in assembling stained glass windows, and finally glassblowing. Cal spent six months apprenticing under Cam Langley. During this time Cal became entranced by both the medium of glass and the process by which it is made. In 2002, Orbix Hot Glass opened its furnace doors in Fort Payne, AL. Today, Orbix creates a Studio Series and a Signature Series that adhere to Cal’s original purpose of marrying the engineer and artist within him. All of the designs pay close attention to proportion, color, purity and form.