Mosaics are created by combining small pieces of a given material until a desired form or image is achieved. The technique has a long history, dating back to Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC. While earliest mosaics consisted of the traditional pebbles and stones, this popular art form has become more and more experimental as artists now incorporate glass, beads, and even shells. Possibilities for material experimentation with the technique are seemingly endless, making it a beloved choice among artists.


Out of Lake City, Florida, Victoria Garley creates gorgeous glass mosaics and canvases. A glass artist for more than 25 years, Garley has instructed glass mosaic and leaded glass techniques privately and at the college level. Her work is created using recycled glass on canvas that is sealed with a clear resin. Garley begins her process by painting each canvas. She then places recycled glass on top and seals it with the resin coating, giving a beautiful glistening quality to each piece.

11893 Hot LipsJewels," one of Garley’s glass mosaics, is an elaborate piece consisting of recycled glass and gems. An eye-catching color palette is created by meticulously shaping and fusing together pieces of colored glass, resulting in a beautiful floral image within a sleek, black frame. Liven up your space by adding one of Garley’s unique sculptural paintings to your decor.