Cal Breed of Orbix Hot Glass is out of Fort Payne, Alabama and is one of the few glass artists working out of the Southeastern U.S. Known for designs that focus on color and purity of form, his work possesses a refreshing elegance that is incredibly beautiful in its simplicity.

Ebb and Flow in Green

Many of Cal’s vessels are created using the Incalmo technique. In this process, he creates bands of color by joining separate bubbles of glass together to form a single bubble. This requires the tricky task of making the two open lips of the bubbles exactly the same size so that they will join together properly. Beautiful, organic bands of color make up Cal’s incredible Incalmo vessels, and each piece is truly a sculptural masterpiece. See the beginnings of an Orbix piece in a video here.

Copper Blue Incalmo BowlCal’s handblown water bowls are a perfect example of the clean designs that Orbix is known for. Inspired by nature, these pieces  seek to reflect the experience of whitewater rafting, especially the moments of calm before being thrust back into rougher waters. The movement on the water’s surface and the swirling colors that abound are captured by Cal in these beautiful works of art. Cal draws specifically from his time in Little River Canyon, which is just a short distance from the Orbix studio. In order to give the illusion of flowing water, bubbles are blown into the glass when creating each piece.

Baby Blue Water Bowl

Lime Water Bowl