California artist  Michael Hopko creates gorgeous handblown sculptures that capture the undeniable beauty found in nature. From the impressive realism found in his fresh and salt water fish to the personality and charm of his colorful octopus sculptures, Hopko’s work is irresistible. Full of incredible details and seamlessly blended color combinations, his beautiful creatures will liven up any space.

19Peach OctopusHopko’s love for glassblowing began after being introduced to the medium at a young age. Fueled by this interest, he completed college courses in art and then went on to work with various glass artisans throughout California. It wasn’t long before he opened his own business in Northern California where he now creates his extraordinary pieces. Read our interview below to learn more about Hopko’s process and work.

What initially drew you to the medium of glass?

I have always been drawn to fire

Do you have favorite aspects of the medium?

The challenge of working with something that I cannot touch

Brown Trout FishAs an outdoorsman, do you do any photography or sketching as part of your process?

I do use photography in the field and do some sketching in the shop

How do you achieve such incredible detail in your pieces?

Working with glass really comes down to practice and continuing to try and improve and refine the end result

Large Mouth Bass