Handcrafted in Maine by Bob Rioux, Sea Parrot kaleidoscopes are beautifully crafted using a mix of blown, stained, and dichroic glass. Various mirror systems are used in each unique piece, allowing for the images to be ever-changing. Excellent conversation pieces, Sea Parrot kaleidoscopes are perfect for all ages and a fun way to delight the senses. Browse a wide selection of colors and styles to find the perfect kaleidoscope to fit your individual taste.

1939 Large Moon ShadowThe Standing Looking Glass Series displays Rioux’s unique use of dichroic glass, which displays different colors based on lighting conditions. This can be seen on both the inside and outside of the Iridescent Looking Glass. A barrel containing oil creates fluid viewing of the beads, gems, and dichroic glass pieces, and a fused dichroic glass jewel adds an extra touch to the body of the kaleidoscopes along with Italian glass rods.

Iridescent Looking GlassThe Candy Cane Series also uses an oil-filled barrel and is adorned with a beautiful fused glass gem. Bursting with exciting imagery, the handheld Teal Wispy Candy Cane features beautiful swirls of color on both the inside and the outside.

Teal Wispy Candy CaneAn exquisite handblown piece, the Reef Oil Cousteau sits at 16 inches tall and incorporates a 3 mirror system. The bright, blue-green color of the body is complimented by an oil-filled cylinder containing dichroic glass, beads, and gems.  Distinguished and certainly unique, this piece would be an excellent choice for a business or office setting.

Reef Oil CousteauIn collections around the world, Sea Parrot’s work is owned by the likes of Queen Noor of Jordan and the first lady of kaleidoscopes, Cozy Baker. Celebrate art every day by adding one of these gorgeous works of art to your own collection.