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For purchasing & additional information please call the gallery directly! 850-231-5405
For purchasing & additional information please call the gallery directly! 850-231-5405

Nourot Glass Studio

Micheal Nourot is the founding partner of Nourot Glass Studio has been making glass for over 40 years.  He was born January 1949 in Riverside, California. Micheal was one of the first 16 students at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington.  He attended the first  “Session” fall/winter of 1971–72. Working with founder’s Dale Chihuly and Jamie Carpenter, Mr. Nourot designed and helped build the first hot shop at Pilchuck. Following the Pilchuck experience, Micheal left for Venice, Italy.  There he apprenticed to glass master Checo Ongaro at Venini.  Just a handful of Americans were allowed into the famed Italian glass houses in the 1970’s: Dale Chihuly, Richard Marquis, and Benjamin Moore, included. Formulas for the Nourot glass have their origins from this time.

Nicholas Nourot was just 6 when he began making glass. In 1994 at the age of 11 he stated that school was not as important as being in the shop.  The years have proved his time there is well spent. He has traveled to pursue his glass studies in Scotland and in 20011, on Murano at the Abate Zanetti School of Glass. Nicholas Nourot taught briefly at the Eugene Glass School (2003) and has attended the Pilchuck School and summer workshops abroad studying with Dante Marioni.  His style favors the long and lean and his signature series is currently the tall red “Amphorae”.

The Nourot’s quest for perfection in glass quality has meant they insist on mixing and melting all of their own glass colors.  Many studios rely on pre-melted “pelletized” glass and purchased color rods to make their glass. At Nourot all of the glasses are original formulas. Sands from special locales in the U.S. are used for each of the red formulas of Nourot Studio.

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