Cher Thompson Austin

Cher’s works are assemblages of fused glass and extruded glass, torch work and sometimes a photo mechanical process on glass. She uses her experience as a successful watercolor painter to combine glass pieces into a vibrant work of art that can be described as paintings in glass. Each piece is one of a kind and never recreated. Cher believes that the sign of a good abstract is that the piece can be viewed in multiple orientations. Cher wires much of her work to allow the pieces to hang in multiple directions giving the owner a fresh look by turning the piece from time to time.

Cher’s work contains hints of nature, landscapes, or totally abstract images all represented using beautiful forms of glass. You will find many interesting elements fired into her glass from nude photographs, to rocks and even interesting pieces of metal. Cher creates her own stilts for elevating the glass to different levels allowing light to pass through to illuminate the glass. All work is mounted to 100% rag board, professionally matted, and shadow boxed in a black frame.

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