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1715 Fleet Shipwreck

Minted in Mexico City, Mexico this silver 4 reales coin was made during the reign of Philip V. The assayer J is not visible; Soild specimens with light surface corroison. Clear crosses and shields. Included is a certificate of authenticity from Daniel Sedwick. Set in Sterling Silver.
The 1715 fleet consisted of a combination of two fleets, the Galleons de Tierra Firme and the New Spain Flota. They combined forces in Havana, Cuba on July 24, and set sail for Spain on July 27, 1715. They sailed through the Florida Straits and up the east coast of Florida where they would have caught the trade winds that would take them across the Atlantic and home, but they never made it that far. On July 31, 1715, the fleet was hit by a hurricane and driven into the reefs along the east coast of Florida between what is now Cape Canaveral and Fort Pierce. Eleven ships went down and nearly half of the 2,500 lives on board were lost. While the Spanish mounted salvage attempts almost immediately after the tragedy occurred, the area over which the wreckage was spread was too large for them to be entirely successful. Some of the ships were salvaged, but the majority of the cargo was lost to the ocean, and it is there that it remained for almost 250 years.