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1654 Capitana Shipwreck


Shipwreck Coin recovered from the Capitana shipwreck off the coast of the coast of Chanduy, Ecuador circa 1654.

4 Reale Cob Coin

Measurements: 1.25" x 1.25"

Silver Coin set in 14K Gold

Included is a certificate of authenticity from Daniel Sedwick.


This wreck was the largest loss ever experienced by the Spanish South Seas Fleet, of which the Capitana (Jesus Maria de la Limpia Concepcion) was the lead vessel.  Official records reported the loss of 3 million pesos of silver, augmented to a total of as much as 10 million pesos when contraband and private consignments were taken into account.  Obviously overloaded, the Capitana sank technically due to a pilot error, which drove the ship onto the reefs south of the peninsula known as Punta Santa Elena.   For eight years afterward, Spanish salvagers officially recovered over 3 million pesos of coins and bullion (with probably much more recovered off record), leaving only an unreachable lower section for divers to find in our time.  Ironically, the main salvager of the Capitana in the 1650s and early 1660s was none other than the ship's silvermaster, who was responsible for the ship's being overloaded with contraband in the first place.  The wreck was rediscovered in the mid-1990s and salvaged in 1997.