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Helmeted Head of Roma


Ancient Roman Coin

Circa 128 B.C.

Helmeted Head of Roma on the obverse

Victory driving galloping biga on the reverse

Silver Coin set in Sterling Silver

Measurements: 1.5"x.75"


Most ancient cities had a goddess who watched over them and was often named for the city.  In the case of Rome, this goddess was Roma.  In the Roman currency system, the denarius (plural denarii) was a small coin first minted about 211 BC during the Second Punic War.  It became the most popular form of currency until it was replaced by the antoninianus.  Denarius is derived from the Latin deni ("containing ten"), as, when it was first minted, it was valued at 10 asses.  It is the base for several modern currency words such as dinar and the Italian denaro.