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1681 Consolacion Shipwreck


Recovered from Santa Maria de la Consolacion shipwreck off Santa Clara Island, Ecuador. Minted in Potosi Bolivia. 8 reales silver cob coin.

Set in Sterling Silver

Measures 1.5" x1.5"

In April 1681 three large galleons left Callao, the port in Lima, Peru for Panama with silver and gold which would be transfered over land to the Galleons in Porto Bello for shipment to Spain. The shipment was delayed for over a month in Callao waiting for another smaller galleon named Santa Maria de la Consolacion caused by the late arrivel of the silver bullion and specie from the Potosi mines. By that time, the Armanda del Mar  del Sur had already left. The Viceroy of Peru ignored advice from his royal officials that feared the Galleon would be in danger due to reports of pirates in the water. Sadly the officials were correct. In the Gulf of Guayaquil the lookout spotted 6 large pirate vessels. While trying to evade the pirates the ship struck a reef and began to sink.