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1618 Rill Cove Shipwreck


Shipwreck Coin recovered from the Rill Cove Shipwreck off the coast of Cornwall, England circa 1618.

4 Reale Cob Coin

Measurements: 1.5" x 1.5"

Silver Coin set in 14K Gold

Minted in Mexico City, Mexico under the rule of Philip III

Included is a certificate of authenticity from Daniel Sedwick.


The originial name, nationality, and date of the Rill Cove Wreck sinking is unknown, but records of the local salvage began in 1618.  After rediscovery of the wreck by Ken Simpson and Mike Hall in 1975, some 3,000 coins were recovered and sold, all silver cobs, mostly Mexican, but also from Potosí and Spain.  Most of the coins are thin from corrosion, but with dark toning on fields to enhance details.  Because it is rather early, this wreck has yielded several important rarities like the F-oD dual-assayer issue from Mexico.