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1618 Lizard Silver Shipwreck


Shipwreck Coin recovered from the Lizard Silver Shipwreck off the coast of Cornwall, England.

4 Reale Cob Coin

Measurements: 1.5" x 1.5"

Silver Coin set in 14K Gold

Included is a certificate of authenticity from Daniel Sedwick.


The Lizard Silver Wreck is perhaps the most well-known of hte numerous ships lost at Rill Cove.  The Lizard, a peninsula of Cornwall, has the most southerly part of mainland Cornwall and Great Britian, Lizard Point.  Considered the gateway to the English Channel and a starting point for ocean passage to the west, Lizard Point is a notorious shipping hazzard, and as such, a graveyard for more than a hundred sunken vesels.