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Nymph Larissa


Ancient Greek Coin

Circa 356-342BC

Head of the Nymph Larissa on the obverse

Horse Grazing on the reverse

Silver coin set in sterling silver

Measurements: 1"


When the city of Larissa ceased minting the federal coins it shared with other Thessalian towns had adopted it's own coinage in the late 5th century BCE, it chose local types for it's coins. The obverse depicts the nymph of the local spring Larissa, for whom the town was named. She was represented on the obverse of common drachms produced by the city of Larissa, as a three-quarters face with outward flowing hair. On the coin Larissa is depicted wearing an ampyx- a traditional Grecian hairpiece often made out of metal. The reverse depicts a horse grazing, the horse was an appropriate symbol of Thessaly, a land of plains, which was well known for it's horses. Along the top of the horse you see the spelling of Larissa in Greek.