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"Aside" by Carol Carson
Fused glass sculpture on black metal stand
Abstract design with figure at left and beatiful yellow and green coloration
Measurements 26" x 7"
Carol Carson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New York Institute of Technology in Westbury where she studied painting and architecture. Her fused glass sculptures have enabled her to combine her talent as a painter with her understanding of the three dimensional format to create a bold, contemporary bodies of work. Her figurative subjects are elongated abstractions of the human form which she brings to life with drawings that have a great deal of energy and confidence of line. Carol’s color palette is rich and vibrant adding another dimension of excitement to her work.

Carol renders her energetic figures on clear sheet glass with powdered glass paint, and then colors are added in the form of frit, or crushed glass. Next she fires the piece to 1400 degrees, fusing the painting to the glass. The firing and cooling process takes two to three days. Then she starts the process all over again, turning each piece over, drawing more imagery on the reverse side, adding color and more layers of glass, and firing again. These steps are carefully and methodically repeated several times, each time turning the piece and building the sculpture three dimensionally. This layering process gives depth, light and rich color to the sculpture. After the final firing the piece is carefully cold worked which involves grinding, smoothing and polishing the edges.

Carol’s husband then painstakingly welds a base of steel to cradle each piece, not only holding and protecting it, but enhancing the images by making the steel an extension of the drawings.
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