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Black Mzungu


Black Mzungu By Helen Rudy

The Mzungu shape is inspired by the African wood headrests used by tribal Africans for sleeping.

Fused glass with black stand

Lead-free, food safe and can be washed with warm soap and water.

8" x 20"

Helen moved to Colorado from England after meeting her husband while biking across Tanzania. She comes to glass art from an nontraditional academic background. Helen is self-taught and focuses on kiln fused glass. The glass designs are constructed piece by piece, and then melted in a kiln to 1460 F degrees and above where it becomes liquid. After cooling and annealing a solid piece of glass has been made. The glass is often fired a second or third time to create 3D shapes. Sometimes the glass is layered like a cheese sandwich and melted together. Other times thin strips of glass are placed on edge like dominoes and fired together. Both techniques enable her to create strong bold designs and distinctive color placement. The designs are created to take the best advantage that light can bring to a piece. Often a pattern will change as you view it from different angles depending upon where the light comes through.

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