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1641 Concepcion Shipwreck

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An 8 reale cob from Mexico City, Mexico was recovered from the Concepcion shipwreck and features a generally good full shield and cross with light toning and minimal corrosion. The certificate of authenticity included.

The Concepción was one of the most significant Spanish wrecks of all time, serving the Spanish with a loss of over 100 tons of silver and gold treasure. The almiranta of a 21-ship fleet, the Concepción was already in poor repair when the Europe-bound fleet encountered a storm in September, leaving her disabled and navigating under makeshift sails amid disagreement among its pilots about their location. Weeks later, she grounded on a reef in an area now named the Silver Shoals, just to the east of another shoal known as the Abrojos, which the pilots were trying to avoid. After another storm hit the wrecked ship and the admiral and officers left in the ship's only longboat, the remaining crew resorted to building rafts from the ship's timbers. Survivors' accounts pointed to drowning, starvation and even sharks for the loss of around 300 casualties. In the fallout that ensued, none of the survivors could report the wreck's location with accuracy, so it sat undisturbed until New England's William Phipps found it in 1687 and brought home tons of silver and some gold, to the delight of his English backers. The Concepción was found again in 1978 by Burt Webber, Jr., whose divers recovered some 60,000 silver cobs, mostly Mexican 8 and 4 reales but also some Potosí and rare Colombian cobs.


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Authentic ancient and shipwreck coins, complete with certificates of authenticity. Ancient coin selection is primarily from the ancient Greek and ancient Roman Empire. Shipwreck coins come from a variety of shipwrecks- predominantly Spanish shipwrecks along the Florida coast.